Sovereign Cell

by Stokeley

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Rob Walrond
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Rob Walrond My mate @stokeleyuk just released is first album and it's a bloody good listen #proud #dancemusic #stoked #loveit Favorite track: Winter.
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released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Stokeley London, UK

Ambient Indie Electronica songwriter & producer. London, UK.

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Track Name: Sovereign Cell
My sovereign cell,
My sovereign cell,
It has its smell
And stinks like hell
Like crude oil.

My sovereign cell,
My sovereign cell,
It casts its spell
And lures so well
The new loyal.

My sovereign cell,
My sovereign cell,
Has broken bells
And crowns to sell
And fake kings.

My sovereign cell,
My sovereign cell,
Whose bars my shell
And wings as well
Is breaking
Track Name: Maybe
I'm not saying I'm in love
But I'm saying I could be
I'm not saying it's set in stone
But I'm saying maybe

I'm not saying yes or no
But he's saying there's something
I'm not saying much at all
But he's saying love him

He's not saying it's enough
And he's saying nevermind
He's not saying he'll stick around
Now he's saying goodbye
Track Name: Winter
When it happens in the Winter we put our clothes back on
With the weather getting bitter do what we can for warmth
And you lower your specs
So your screen won't reflect
I've the eyes of a hawk
When it happens in the winter

When it happens in the Winter it becomes a running theme
Burn our house down for the cinders so you feel something real
And I travel next door
Just to stare at the floor
Just to maintain the sheen
When it happens in the Winter

And the mandatory routine
Trains us to get our glasses clean
I made you wait for me
I made you wait for the buds to start blossoming green

Poisonous routine
Wake, wash, commute, return and sleep
I made you wait for me
I made you shake, with rage, gradually

When it happens after Winter I'm meant to know who's who
Instead I'm stuck with a sinner and don't know what to do
You assured me in Spring
This is where it begins
I've the eyes of a fool
When it happens in the Winter
Track Name: Brand New
For heaven's sake
We've lost our way
The dust, again, is here to say
It settles on the ground and swallow up the town
We must tread lightly

I refuse to buckle at the elbows
(Then) We renew and synchronise out tempos
Palms are pressed on shoulders,
But heavy is my head,
So I reset the cache
With my arms around you neck
And we're Brand New

We're fine for time
Though it's crossed my mind
We're on a loop,
The dust, divine
Resettles on the ground of long forgotten towns
I must be dead or dying

I want to wear what you feel
Like my bones wear my flesh
So I know it was real
And I know what's a test
(Now I know it's a test)
Track Name: Skylight
I will never create something beautiful
I will never see the stars up close
Track Name: Ocean Sky
We say goodbye to an ocean sky for dollars on the mind
Track Name: Mother
The wind pulls me down the front steps of my youth
In a way only this town knows
And the rain pellets puncture the flesh on my face
As we dance our farewell show

They're in the warmth while I'm chained up outside
And the cruel passing time gushes out from my mind
What is this habit to dagger my sting
Into such beloved skin

Mother I'm leaving
Mother keep breathing

The grey metal carriage it draws me away
To a city of orphan homes
And i pray for the rain not to make me the same
As I beg the sun for slow

Mother I’m leaving
(and) Summer is nearing
(so) Mother start dreaming
Mother keep breathing